Cecile is an associate scientist in the Atmospheric Modeling and Predictability Section within the Climate and Global Dynamics(CGD) Laboratory.

As the liaison of the Atmospheric Model Working Group (AMWG), she assists the climate modeling community in all aspects of using the Community Earth System Model (CESM) and the Community Atmospheric Model (CAM): running the model, science questions, and experiments designs.

She is deeply involved in the CAM development . She has a strong expertise in model tuning and model diagnostics. She contributes to the evaluation of new parameterizations and help to understand their interactions with the rest of the model. She is assisting various efforts for CAM development and provide support to scientists from the AMP and visitors.

Cecile also develops and supports the AMWG diagnostics package: a tool freely available to climate modeling community that allows quick comparisons of CAM simulations and observations.

She loves to share her expertise about CESM with new users. She is involved in the CESM tutorial since its creation in 2010. She is part of organizing committee, lecturer, and organizer of offsite tutorials. She teaches every year during the Summer Tutorial at NCAR but he has also traveled out-of-state and overseas to teach the CESM tutorial.

Publications and Presentations