Future updates on Dr. Schneider's research activities will be posted on his research website at CU Boulder/CIRES.

Dr. David P. Schneider is a creative geologist turned climate scientist with 15+ years of experience in global climate science, climate modeling, observational climate data, big data analysis, mentoring individuals from less-privileged backgrounds, and climate-related fundraising and communications.

Dr. Schneider's research integrates observations and climate model experiments of past and present climate to make informed predictions of future climate impacts. A long-running theme of his research has been the understanding of Antarctic climate variability and change and its global connections. David was a member of the team whose ice cores revealed the 20th-Century warming trend in Antarctica, and have demonstrated the centrality of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the climate system.

At NCAR, David led several successful research proposals and community projects. In collaboration with world-class climate scientists, data scientists, and technical experts, he created one of the leading climate data and expert knowledge portals: The Climate Data Guide. It publishes information on the strengths, limitations and applications of the climate data that are essential for measuring and predicting physical climate risks. This freely available, open access, globally viewed website features expert guidance and essential context that are found on no other climate data portal.

In addition to his scholarly publication record in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals, David is the author of a climate book for the most important audience of all - our children.


Ph.D.  University of Washington
M.S.    University of Pennsylvania
B.A.     Carleton College


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